MOB Projects - Domestic Essays / Ensaios Domésticos


11.10 _ 19h00

Carpintarias de São Lázaro

Rua de São Lázaro 7

Lisboa - Portugal

Plan Común will participate in ‘Domestic Essays’, exhibition of a furniture collection by MOB Projects in the context of Lisbon Architecture Triennale. Our contribution is ‘Bisagra’ a polymorphic device for domestic and work environments, a galvanized steel structure composed by 5 frames of 50x190x10cm.

Other participants include Bast (FR), Maio Architect (ES), Fala Atelier (PT), Sami Arquitectos (PT), Fernanda Fragateiro (PT), Boris Gusic + Lucio Crignola (CH), Aprdelesp (MX), Benjamin Ossa (CL), Martinez Barat Lafore (FR), Javier Toro Blum (CL), Alejandra Prieto (CL), Ivan Navarro + Courtney Smith (US/CL), Nicolás Aracena (CL)

Excerpt by the curators: “In an attempt to make architecture and art a shareable and comprehensible language, the scale of the furniture appears as a common ground of research, criticism and experimentation for new practices, which through a tactile and close scale, generate a series of questions around the interior space and the relation of the objects with the common world and the domestic user. Through rationality we can reach a contemporary interpretation of the world and build a theory of society, being this project a tool for reaching in a domestic way those objectives, exploring the closest scale between its creators and people.”

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