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Founded in 2012, Plan Común provides strategies to maximize and strengthen public and collective space -understood as a key aspect of architecture, regardless of its scale or program- by means of simple architecture tools, through a critical discourse, research, design and building. We are convinced that radical, basic -even silent- forms are more likely to be relevant and universal, and serve as a support for collective use and imagination. We use a critical and strategic approach towards briefs and commissions, in order to question and transform spatial hierarchy and uses. We intend to work within an ethic of the collective aiming at relevance and usefulness for the many.

Since September 2018, Plan Común is based in Paris, France.

15 rue Martel, 75010 Paris, France | | Facebook - Twitter - Instagram | +33 1 42 47 83 43 

Felipe De Ferrari (1983) - partner
Architect graduated from Universidad Católica de Chile in 2010. Co-editor of 'CMNcasos', a digital and printed publication by Chilean National Heritage Council, between 2011 and 2013. Co-founder of OnArchitecture, an online audiovisual service providing a synthetic, deep and detailed panorama of the world's main authors, works, experiences and problematics related to the field of architecture. He gave lectures at Barcelona Institute of Architecture (2009), Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona (2011), X Sao Paulo Biennial (2014), Mendrisio Academy of Architecture (2014), Universidad de Talca (2014), Harvard Graduate School of Design (2016), Haus der Architektur Graz (2016), Universidad Mayor (2016), Centro de Estudios Públicos (2016) and Swiss Architecture Museum (2016) to name a few.
He teached at PUC Architecture School (2014-2018) and at Universidad Mayor (2017). Coordinator of PUC Architecture School Public Program (2017-2018) and co-curator of Conference Program 2020-2022 by Lisbon Architecture Trienal and Garagem Sul | Exposições de Arquitetura, do Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB)

Kim Courrèges (1984) - partner
Architect graduated from Marne-la-Vallée Architecture School (France) in 2010, Maitrise Mathematics and Computer Science, Paris 7 University (2005). She worked with Eric Lapierre (2010-2011) in Paris, Estudio America (2012) in Sao Paulo, Pezo von Ellrichshausen (2012-2013), Roberto Gutierrez (2013-2014) and Elemental (2014-2015) in Chile. She gave lectures at the Swiss Architecture Museum (2016), UC Architecture School (2018), REA Summer School in Ghent and Kolektiv Gallery in Blegrade (2019) to name a few. Teaching at Universidad Mayor (2017-2018) and at Marne la Vallée Architecture School since 2018.

Sacha Discors (1985) - partner
Architect graduated from Marne-la-Vallée Architecture School (France) in 2010. He collaborated with Junya Ishigami in Tokyo (2010-2011), Baumschlager Eberle (2012-2013), Eric Lapierre (2013-2014), Abinal & Ropars (2016) and Studio Muoto (2017-2018).
Teaching at ENSAPLV since 2016.

Nissim Haguenauer (1982) - partner
Architect graduated from Marne-la-Vallée Architecture School (France). In 2010 he began his own practice, Gare du Nord, with projects such as exhibition designs for Grand Palais, the French Pavillon at the 12th architecture Biennale in Venice, housing projects in Lille and the bookstore for Louvre Museum. Since 2017 he coordinates the project Grand Lilas for the rehabilitation of a XIX century military fort into a metropolitan place for Grand Paris. He is currently an executive student in Essec business school on real estate management master. Teaching at Marne la Vallée Architecture School since 2014.


Kuehn Malvezzi (DE), Bast (FR), Nicolas Dorval Bory (FR), Kosmos (RU), Mobil Arquitectos (CL), Umwelt (CL), Cristian Palma (CL), Josefina Gonzalez (CL), Eduardo Corales (CL), Sacha Discors (FR), Charles Bedin (FR), Balthazar Donzelot (FR), Diego García (CL), Jadue Livingstone (CL), Moisés Puente (ES), Tiago Torres Campos (PT), Francisco Quintana (CL), Claudio Baladrón (CL), Magdalena Besomi (CL), Alfredo Thiermann (CL), Osvaldo Larraín (CL), Amunategui Valdes (CL), Emergent Architectures (CH), Felipe Grallert (CL), Sebastian Paredes (CL)

Previous interns

Alessandro Nicolai (IT), Kai Buhrer (CH), Fabián Castillo (CL), Celeste Calzolari (IT), Macarena Diaz (CL), Oliver Burch (CH), Costanza Zeni (IT), Kotaro Shimada (JP), Jules Salmon (FR)

Previous collaborators

Marcelo Cox (CL), Thomas Batzenschlager (FR), Lucas Mateluna (CL), José Lemaitre (CL)


2019 Oikos – A house Between along with Kuehn Malvezzi at BAP! Biennale d’architecture et de paysage in Versailles, France.

2019 Plan Comun: Common Places at Kolektiv Gallery, Belgrade, Switzerland.

2017 Forum Basel: Urban Spaces for Communal Living. Exhibition at Swiss Architecture Museum, Basel, Switzerland.

2016 The Limits of Landscape. Exhibition at Lisbon Architecture Triennale in Portugal.

2016 Forms follows… Exhibition at House of Architecture in Graz, Autriche.

2015 ‘Unfeasible’. Exhibition in London, England.

2013 Plan Común, X Architecture Biennale. Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Thanks to: 

Future Architecture Platform

Diego Grass founding partner of Plan Común. Since 2017 he is running his own practice.