Campo Comum - Conference Program 2020-2022


Felipe De Ferrari will co-direct the Conference Program by Lisbon Architecture Triennale and Garagem Sul | Exposições de Arquitetura, do Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB), along with Diana Menino, for the next 3 years (2020-2022). The proposal entitled 'Campo Comum' was selected among 26 applications arriving from 11 different countries by a jury composed of José Mateus, Manuel Henriques, Madalena Reis, André Tavares and Irina Davidovici.

Excerpt : “Architecture must be understood as a strategic attitude regarding space and resources. Common Field aims to discuss architecture in its most literal meaning: a collective and strategic knowledge that is and could be applied by everyone, in any community, environment or culture, through a series of mechanisms, devices, structures and forms. To build up a Common Field requires to assess the idea of common sense, a critical concept in the present context of global neoliberalisation and political decay. Hence, we claim for a a critical and optimistic attitude towards physical and cultural contexts, policies, briefs and clients, architecture can appropriate reality, in radical and unexpected ways from research to construction —, making visible its potential and contradictions, developing projects that enable emancipatory ideas, thus building as a common field.”

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