12.06.15 : Lugares Comunes : Recoleta - Independencia

The studio "Lugares Comunes : Recoleta-Independencia", an investigation led by architectural office Plan Común at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, was concluded by a presentation including a publication co-edited with Ediciones ARQ :

The research was focused on developing projects in two joint districts in the city of Santiago: Recoleta and Independencia. Both municipalities were selected for their cultural and historical richness, two emblems of a city model in dangerous retreat. Given its privileged position in the metropolitan context, both municipalities begin to succumb to the strong pressure of real estate, an area where these interests have detected a paradoxical growth: by intangible conditions of a cultural nature, such development doesn't exploit the full potential of a sector, through good and numerous infrastructures and connection with the rest of the city. In such context, the General Cemetery appear as a contention toward the expansion of the private city as it can be designed as a center of gravity for both municipalities. 


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Lugares Comunes in Ediciones ARQ