25.07.15 : Think Public Space

"Think Space" serves as a platform for spatial experimentation and conceptual exchange of ideas. Each cycle lasts a calendar year and is constituted by competitions under the annual theme. At the end of the cycle, a conference, award ceremony and exhibition will be held in Zagreb. The Think Space Programme in 2015 is returning in form of a Special Edition under the topic THINK public SPACE. The focus of this Special Edition will be directed on urban public space in the European context.

Plan Común has been awarded with an honorable mention with the proposal "Reclaim City Space" : our proposal, extracted from the research project "Common Places" is to radically approach 10 generic situations we recognized in Zagreb and abroad, all of which are affected by this ongoing privatization, turning them back in favour of public sphere: urban growth, land use, infrastructure, pedestrian flow, public transport, higene or even our perception of the city, collective memory and the limit between public and private.


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