L'École Nourrie: Towards a building-generator of commons


Kim Courrèges, Felipe De Ferrari and Sacha Discors led team in the ‘intensif’, a workshop at Marne-la-vallée School of Architecture. This year the event was coordinated by Giovanni Piovene and included other tutors such as Jean-Benoît Vétillard, Ambra Fabi, Giaime Meloni, Victor Miot (obvie architecture), Léonard Lassagne (Data Architectes) or Iris Lacoudre to name a few.

Our team worked in tune with the original will by the project and the aim by its authors, Bernard Tschumi Architects: The design of the school begins from the thesis that there are “building-generators” of events. Such structures are often condensers of the city. Through their programs as well as their spatial qualities, they accelerate or intensify a cultural and social transformation that is already in progress.

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