Chilean Architecture as a common field of knowledge


Felipe De Ferrari (Plan Común / OnArchitecture) is co-organizing a discussion panel at UC Architecture School on March 21st. Entitled ‘Chilean Architecture as a common field of knowledge’. The guests are Alejandra Celedón, Francisco Díaz (Ediciones ARQ), Arturo Scheidegger & Ignacio García Partarrieu (Umwelt) and Tomas Villalón. The discussion will be moderated along with Jørg Himmelreich (Archithese).

Description of the event: This conversation aims to reflect on contemporary Chilean architecture practice with a specific focus on a generation of young designers grown under dictatorship and formed as architects in the last part of Chilean transition to democracy (which is still ongoing).

What are their positions regarding Chilean culture? Which are the most relevant themes, trajectories and perspectives within their theoretical explorations and build projects? How do methodological, structural, conceptual and aesthetic considerations answer to social, political, geographical and economic conditions or challenge them? On the other hand, in which relation are specific Chilean strategies to the reflection of global discourses?

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