10.06.16 : Form Follows ... 9 Optimistic Practices

Plan Común has been invited to participate in the exhibition "Form Follows ...", organised by House of Architecture in Graz (HAD) and curated by ISSSresearch -in the context of Future Architecture Platform-, with a proposal for the transformation of Andreas Hoffer Platz in Graz, Wien.

From the curators: "The "Form Follows ..." exhibition at the House of Architecture - HDA - in Graz will allow visitors to discover the intellectual and practical universes of nine optimistic, young architectural positions/practices that develop possible answers to relevant societal questions in order to get an insight about what drives them in their designs. Optimism is an attitude that allows us to stay capable of giving form to architectural ideas in a globalised world, where crisis has become a permanent socio-economic condition and describing it a major academic occupation."


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