28.06.16 : Common Places in MAXXI

Plan Común has been invited to exhibit the on-going research project "Common Places" at MAXXI, in Rome, in an event co-organized with Future Architecture Platform.

From the curators: “The program objective is to identify young groups of professionals, creative talents and enthusiasts from different parts of the world whose ideas are able to tell us the future of architecture. In line with its nature, MAXXI chose to relate to the Future Architecture Platform project with its consolidated strategy of promoting young talents, presenting the artworks of five of the 25 finalist groups in the exhibition. Through their exhibited projects, Future Architecture Platform finalists help us understanding how architecture may play a role in our future societies thanks to innovative solutions in the field of technology, of social space, in the relationship between architecture and its users, as well as in the very same idea of construction and cooperation."


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Future Architecture Platform exhibition in MAXXI

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