MATERIA 14 - Radical Design Strategies

Felipe de Ferrari wrote the article “Cementerio General como Modelo. Patio 29 como espacio público de resistencia” -General Cemetery as Model. Patio 29 as public space of resistance-, published in the architectural magazine MATERIA, no. 14, “Estrategias Radicales de Diseño” -Radical Strategies of Design-, edited by Ernesto Silva. The article introduces Santiago General Cemetery as a specific model of reality and the 'Patio 29' intervention -by García Partarrieu, Rozas, De Simone, Torres, Agosin , Silva, Muñoz-, a memorial to the victims of State repression during Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship, next to a mass grave where "disappeared" political prisoners were anonymously buried.

Excerpt: “The intervention and valuation of the historical monument Patio 29 at the Cementerio General in Santiago is an example of how an architectural project – through its vocation, strategy and form – can contribute directly to discussions and unfinished processes that affect the society as a whole, Chilean society in this case. Located in the most deteriorated area of the Cementerio General and made by a group of young architects, this project is an exception in the context of the celebrated contemporary Chilean architecture, which is slowly leaving its condition of exclusive privilege of the ruling class.”

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