A constellation of micro-interventions in Nove Fuzine

"Common Places : A constellation of micro-interventions in Nove Fuzine" is a publication, edited by the Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) which presents a commissioned project by Chilean-French architecture office Plan Común and the Portuguese landscape architect Tiago Torres-Campos, a series of brick constructions located in Nove Fužine, a part of Ljubljana where MAO is situated. Plan Común and Tiago Torres-Campos have designed five multifunctional plinths, which are strategically positioned over the entire neighbourhood: in the museum courtyard, along the river, in the historic garden, in front of the community centre and behind the famous city bus stop, designed by Saša J. Mächtig in the 1960s. The plinths build, encourage and reinforce different uses of public space and create specific relations with the surroundings. They intend to become platforms for contemplation, meeting points, stages for events, concerts or lectures, or simply structures on which to sit and enjoy the communal life of the neighbourhood.

The publication is one of the product of an exhibition that coincides with the kickoff event for 25th Biennial of Design: Faraway, So Close, also organised by MAO and curated by Angela Rui and Maja Vardjan. The exhibition is part of Future Architecture platform program, a European platform of architecture museums, festivals and producers that highlights the emerging generation of talents in various disciplines and enables them to present their ideas about the future of cities and architecture.



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