ARQ 98 - Masividad / Massive


Felipe De Ferrari has been invited to write a review in the 98th issue of the architectural magazine ARQ, entitled Masividad / Massive. Entitled 'Outside the Box: On Dogmas, Property and Alternative Models' the short article is focused on Communal Villa, project by Dogma for Wohnungsfrage exhibition.

Excerpt of the review : “At times when a large portion of contemporary architecture has been able to represent and shape the neoliberal system (in many cases, even paying it homage), it is desirable that strategies based on alternative values proliferate. Not only to cover the historical debt with majorities but to expand the possibilities of architecture itself. As in the case of the rent subsidy or the celebrated Popular Real Estate Agency launched by the Municipality of Recoleta, the invitation is to think outside the box and scrutinize areas where the market operates poorly or does not operate at all because of lack of interest.6 This is how architecture will become political and, hopefully, emancipatory.”


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