Architectural Review 1436 : Death

An article about Plan Común's recent works in Architectural Review's last issue, written by french architect Manon Mollard, illustrated by two cases of our on-going research project "Common Places" and focusing on the subject proposed by this particular issue : death.

Excerpt from the article : "Death, too, is on Plan Común’s agenda. And it is not only bringing it back into the lively streets, it is also extending urban life into the cemetery. Santiago’s Cementerio General, one of Latin America’s largest, is a huge open space at the heart of the city, currently neglected yet full of potential – especially in a city where there is little public space ‘in good condition, integrated into the urban fabric, accessible via the city’s public transport network, and of architectural interest’. Representative of Chilean society, its diversity and its inequalities – the southern end is listed as historical monument while the subsequent northern extension houses the dead of the lowest social strata – the cemetery is a direct reflection of the city of the living."


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