2G N.74 - Harquitectes

Felipe De Ferrari & Diego Grass's  conversation with Harquitectes was published in 2G Magazine, no. 74. Entitled “The Behavior of Things”, this conversation with architects Roger Tudó, Xavier Ros Majó, David Lorente & Josep Ricart introduces the position, methodologies and strategies developed by the practice.

Excerpt: “The concept of the “good life” is fundamental to our architecture; maybe it’s the main objective. We love to see how our works live, and the passage of time in them. We understand the buildings to be just supports with the potential for user activities. When designing this support we have all the variables of an infinite equation—questions that are more “rational” and therefore clearly debatable (relationship to the context, strategies in the brief, materials and constructional systems, comfort, and so on) and less “objective”— matters such as beauty. Although it is true that we rarely talk about beauty, it is one of the themes that preoccupies us the most. To be sure, we reject options because they are not “beautiful,” but I venture to say that frequently we find a certain beauty when formalizing “strictly rational” strategies (such as composing façades within the restrictions of a construction system or building up layers of efficient skins).”


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