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Pier Vittorio Aureli (1973), is an Italian architect and theorist, founding partner of DOGMA, and professor at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam and at the Architectural Association in London. Aureli is probably one of the main intellectual references of contemporary architecture and author of books such as The Project of Autonomy (2008) and The Possibility of an Absolute Architecture (2011) have strongly impacted the discourse of architecture in recent years.

The present book has two interviews made by OnArchitecture (Felipe de Ferrari and Diego Grass) in Rotterdam 2010 and in Venice in 2012. In them, Aureli reviews a number of issues such as the relationship between architecture and academy, representation, education, public space, their projects with DOGMA, and the work of architects such as Mies van der Rohe, Ludwig Hilberseimer or Cedric Price. Alongside these dialogues, two introductory texts written by Emilio De la Cerda and Umberto Bonomo give the necessary elements to enter into Aureli's thinking. This book, published in English and Spanish, show for the first time to the latino-american public Pier Vittorio Aureli's ideas and a selection of major projects by DOGMA, an office architecture that he shares with Martino Tattara.


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