ARQ Docs - Yoshiharu Tsukamoto

A book co-edited with Ediciones ARQ focusing on the work and theoretical discourse of Japanese practice Atelier Bow-Wow. It contains a special edition of four interviews made by OnArchitecture (Felipe De Ferrari & Diego Grass) with Yoshiharu Tsukamoto & Momoyo Kaijima, a selection of projects and 2 articles.

Excerpt from the article by De Ferrari y Grass : “Commonalities is the last concept and manifest coined by Atelier Bow-Wow and is the exact opposite of commodity. Determined by a critical reading of the contemporary condition in Japan and of the meannesses of the global economic system, this new concept expands and democratizes the research of Tsukamoto and Kaijima. It centers itself on studying informal and gratuitous spaces, where the local character is determined by the specificity of the space and its aptitude to receive and contain human activity. This time, Bow-Wow has chosen to concentrate on places that promote the collective life out of institutional frames. This is most potent bit of the investigation: it is a direct response to the depletion of the public space as we are in the habit of dealing with in many different countries and not as exclusive heritage of the city of Tokyo.”


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