Workshop MPUR / Cementerio General de Santiago


Plan Común is invited to led a 5-weeks Workshop along with Wilfried Kuehn (Kuehn Malvezzi) at Master of Urban Project (MPUR) at UC Architecture School.

Excerpt of the brief: Starting from existing typologies at the Santiago cemetery such as the Mausoleo Italiano, the first step of the project resides in a thorough analysis of historical precedent. Reading for instance the spiraling ramp at the core of the Mausoleo’s tombwall as both an expression of Guggenheim-like exhibitionism and of a collective experience within the private space, we will develop notions of a commons to be defined typologically in order to generate paradoxical uses. We advance the thesis that formal rigor results in major freedom of use, giving architecture the task and at once the burden of providing social freedom by way of typological and morphological strength.


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