Opening of BIO25. Faraway, So Close at MAO


In the context of BIO25 (25th Slovenian Biennale of Design) curated by Maja Vardjan and Angela Rui, the plinths we designed along with Tiago Torres Campos in Nove Fuzine were transformed, through the relocation of the emblematic kiosk / system, K67 by Saša J. Mächtig, by a team led by Didier Faustino and Mojca Kumerdej.

From the authors of the installation: "The starting point of the main discourse of the episode Brand New Coexistence is Kiosk K67 that is interpreted as an architectural modern ruin in Ljubljana. Designed in 1966 by the Slovenian architect and designer Saša J. Mächtig, the K67 – easily visible and accessible – inhabited the cityscape and provided different services not only in Ljubljana but also in other cities across Europe. Today, K67 is both a design icon of the 20th century and a derelict and abandoned object scattered throughout these cities."


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