25.11.14 : Quema del Vignola - Mariano Puga

Diego Grass of Plan Común has invited his relative, Mariano Puga -priest and architect graduated from the UC School of Architecture in Chile- for a conversation around the events that led to the so-called "Quema del Vignola" in 1949, and its consequences in the School of Architecture of the Catholic University.

The burning of Vignola (1949) marked the most controversial moment of the first student strike in the history of all Catholic universities in the world. Students and teachers were able to establish once and for all Modernity as a cornerstone of the teaching institution. Mariano Puga tells the before and after this milestone in the history of architecture in our country.


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Mariano Puga "Quema del Vignola"

Interview with Mariano Puga by Eldesconcierto